Legal Stuff

This website is made using Serif WebPlus.  All of the photographs used on this website are either stock photographs supplied from Serif or are provided from Shropshire Skin Clinic’s own patient photographs with the consent of the person in the photograph.  Photographs of Shropshire Skin Clinic patients may not be re-used or published elsewhere without the prior consent of the subject in the photograph.

None of the content of this website may be reproduced, copied or re-used on any other website or publication without the permission of the owner.

Shropshire Skin Clinic is a private dermatology and laser clinic.  Fees are payable on the day of the appointment or by appropriate medical insurance with the prior agreement of the insurer.  

Shropshire Skin Clinic will take GP referrals for those patients wishing to be seen on a private (self-funded or insurance funded) basis.

Shropshire Skin Clinic does not take NHS referrals directly from GPs.

NHS GP dermatology referrals from must be sent via RAS ‘Choose and Book’ (for those GPs within the Shropshire CCG area), Powys THB (for those GPs in Powys) or Telford and Wrekin CCG Donnington dermatology Clinic.  These referrals are funded by the NHS and only NHS authorised treatment can be provided; the NHS will not fund purely cosmetic treatment.

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