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Skin Tags

Skin tags are harmless and usually painless and do not grow or change over time.  Typically the size of a grain of rice, the surface of a skin tag can be smooth or irregular in appearance and is often raised from the surface of the skin on a fleshy stalk.  Skin tags consist of a fibro-vascular core, sometimes also with fat cells and covered by an unremarkable epidermis.

Although skin tags are harmless, they can become irritated by shaving or catching on clothes and jewellery.

Because they are benign, treatment is usually unnecessary unless irritated or are unwanted cosmetically, in which case they can removed by excision or cryosurgery..

Skin tags are small benign tumours that form primarily where the skin forms creases, such as the neck and armpit.  They may also occur on the face, especially on the eyelid.

A patient presented with numerous skin tags in both armpits which were removed by surgery.  These pictures show before and after the skin tages were removed.

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