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Mole Scanning

Photographs to cover each area of skin are taken with an 8 megapixel camera and stored digitally within Astron Clinica's Dermetrics software. This allows repeat pictures to be taken in future and direct comparisons can be made. This mole mapping element of the process will help to identify new or enlarging lesions over time.

A clinical examination of the skin is then carried out by Dr Murdoch. Abnormal moles or other skin lesions can then be identified. Moles requiring closer inspection can be scanned with the Astron Clinica Siascope. Siascans of individual moles can also be repeated over time allowing subtle changes to be identified.If an abnormal mole or skin cancer is detected then a separate appointment for surgical removal can be arranged. If you simply wish to be referred back to your general practitioner then we will be happy to write a letter explaining our findings.

Appointments for mole mapping and mole scanning are purely for this purpose. The fee and time allowed does not cover assessment and advice on other skin problems or cosmetic issues. If we detect other skin problems during the examination we may recommend that you return for a further appointment at a later date or we may advise you to make an appointment to discuss the matter with your general practitioner.

Mole Scanning Prices:

New clients - Mole mapping and mole scanning session including up to 3 mole scans £180. (This session may last up to one hour).  Additional mole scans £20 per mole

Existing Clients - Repeat mole mapping and mole scanning session including up to three mole scans £150. This rate will also apply to patients who have previously seen Dr Murdoch for assessment or treatment of their moles or skin cancer.  Additional mole scans are £20 per mole

Photographic reports - These are available on request but may need to be produced after the day of assessment.

By e-mail (pdf file) £2.50 per picture. Printed report £5 per picture.

New clients attending for mole mapping and scanning are seen initially by one of our clinic nurses. A history is taken to document any previous skin problems and to identify any risk factors for skin cancer.

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