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Many cosmetic clinics offer a 'free', 'no obligation' consultation. At worst, this will be with a sales person, it may be with a nurse or possibly with a cosmetic doctor. Specialists generally do not offer free consultations as they are able to fill their schedule with patients/clients happy to pay for an expert opinion. Practitioners with successful clinics are unlikely to offer their time for free. Practitioners/clinics that offer free consultations are under pressure to make a sale and we believe that this affects their ability to offer honest advice.


Consultations carried out purely to assess suitability for IPL hair removal treatments are carried out by Gail Black , Maxine Wright and Emma Norbury. The fee for a hair removal consultation is £50 and this includes the test patch(s) where appropriate.Mole scanning and mapping prices are outlined in that section. All other patients/clients of Shropshire Skin Clinic see Dr Murdoch for an initial consultation which generally lasts for about 20-30 minutes. The fee for this consultation is £180. This fee includes test patches of intense pulsed light or laser therapy where appropriate.

Clients who have been assessed and received a treatment such as BOTOX at Shropshire Skin Clinic in the past and are returning simply for a repeat treatment pay just for the treatment.

We do not feel that an extensive list of treatments and the costs of each is very helpful. Clients will not usually be aware of just what will be required to achieve the results that they are looking for. A consultation is the best way to achieve this. However, for those clients who have quite a clear idea of what treatment is required, we are happy to give some guidance on costs on the telephone or by email before a consultation. (See Office Hours Page). We believe that the cost of treatments at Shropshire Skin Clinic is at least comparable and in many cases less than at other clinics. Our focus at the Shropshire Skin Clinic is on quality treatment in a quality environment. We do not wish to adopt the 'conveyer belt' approach of some of the commercially orientated clinics springing up in many city centres. Clients of Shropshire Skin clinic are reassured by having treatments performed or supervised by a medically qualified doctor with specialist training and accreditation.

Payment is due on the day of consultation or treatment. We accept Switch, Visa and Mastercard.

We do not accept American Express.

For clients with dermatological conditions covered by their Health Insurance policy we require details of the policy on the day of consultation.

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