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Patch Testing

A Patch Test is a way of finding out if you are allergic to anything that comes into contact with the skin from the outside, that is, perfumes, clothing, shoes, jewellery, plants, oils, glues and even your skin treatment creams.

To complete the test, three visits will be required in total.  They will usually be arranged with you for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

At your first visit you will have some non-allergic plasters with various substances on them applied to your back.  

Plasters will be removed at the second visit and initial readings made.  It will only be a short appointment.  Your back will be marked with black ink, which may mark your clothing.  Please ask someone to check your back and re-mark as necessary with a pen.

During the third visit you will have the final patch test reading and any information on confirmed allergies will be given.

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