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Mole Check

Patients may be referred by their general practitioner or may simply decide themselves to phone to book an appointment with Dr Murdoch. The normal new consultation fee applies to these appointments. Health Insurance companies will generally only cover the cost of this consultation if the patient has been referred by their general practitioner. Dr Murdoch and Shropshire Skin Clinic are accredited by the major health insurance companies.

If you come for a mole check we take a medical history relevant to your reason for coming, previous skin growths and treatments and your history of sun exposure. We will examine any skin lesions which concern you and ideally carry out of general skin examination to look for other skin lesions. We will commonly find that previously unnoticed skin lesions, especially those on the back, are of more concern than the lesion which the patient first asked us to assess. If you are a female patient then a female chaperone will be present for this examination.

We will generally take clinical photographs of skin lesions or areas of the skin which can be helpful in detecting changes when patients return in future for reassessment. This process can be known as mole mapping. In some areas of the country there are ‘mole clinics’ which offer mole mapping and computer analysis of skin lesions. These are generally operated by nursing staff who are not trained dermatologists and the diagnosis of skin lesions relies on the computer system used.

We see many patients to check on particular lesions of concern or to generally examine the skin to detect evidence of skin cancers or pre-cancerous change.

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