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Skin Cancer

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Lumps, Bumps, Moles & Lesions

The incidence of skin cancer in the UK shows a steady increase and the subject is often covered by the media. Many people therefore become concerned about a particular skin lesion or concerned about the possible effects of previous sunbathing or sun bed use.

We see many patients to check on particular lesions of concern or to generally examine the skin to detect evidence of skin cancers or pre-cancerous change.

Experienced dermatologists can easily make a diagnosis on most skin lesions by just simple examination either with the naked eye or a magnifier. Some skin lesions require closer inspection with an instrument called a dermatoscope, a process known as dermoscopy.

If a suspicious mole is detected we can either arrange to surgically remove the lesion under local anaesthetic or write to your general practitioner recommending removal. If a patient wishes to have NHS treatment for a suspicious skin lesion we are NOT able to shortcut the NHS referral process but we are able to advise general practitioners on the appropriate urgency of the referral.

Dr Stephen Murdoch is a consultant dermatologist and has wide experience in the assessment and treatment of patients with moles and other skin lesions

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