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Consultations carried out purely to assess suitability for IPL hair removal treatments are carried out by one of our laser nurses and a lower nurse laser consultation fee applies. This fee covers the cost of test patches required. The same applies to patients seeking laser tattoo removal treatments.

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Nurse Consultations

Most new consultations last around 15-25 minutes. In some situations less time is required to deal with a particular patient’s problem but the fee payable remains the same. There are also occasions where patient’s have more issues than can be covered in the time allowed or they require more detail explanation and discussion than average. In these circumstances a follow up appointment may be required for which an additional fee applies.

Follow up consultations to discuss results or response to treatments prescribed within the last 12 months generally last around 10-15 minutes and have a lower ‘follow-up’ fee. Patients not seen for over 1 year or those who present with a different problem will require the longer ‘new’ appointment which has the higher fee.

Most surgical treatments and laser treatments are not carried out on the day of consultation, but at a future appointment. It is important that we book an appointment of appropriate duration for the planned procedure and give patients the necessary information to prepare for their treatment and any recovery period required.

Many cosmetic clinics offer a free initial consultation, but at the Shropshire Skin Clinic, we do not offer free consultations. By charging for the initial consultation, Dr Murdoch can allow more time to discuss the patient’s needs and the range of treatments available. There is no pressure for patients to proceed with treatment

Some clients come to us purely for Botox and filler treatments. For those who have had the treatments at other clinics without problems before or who have a clear understanding of the treatment they require and do not wish to explore other skin problems or treatments then we are happy to book the treatment without initial consultation and in this circumstance there is no consultation fee to pay. One of the skin clinic nurses will check that there are no complicating health issues and that the client does indeed understand the nature of the treatment requested. The treatment is carried out by Dr Murdoch

In order to properly diagnose your condition and discuss the best course of treatment, it is necessary to undertake an initial consultation. All private patients referred by their GP or those who book directly for assessment of dermatological conditions, rashes and skin lesions will be seen by Dr Murdoch. A standard new consultation fee will apply.

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